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Sutton Bi-Metal Holesaw – Quick Overview

Sutton Bi-Metal Holesaw 152 - Sutton

Video Transcript

Here we’ve got the Sutton bi-metal holesaws that we sell here. These are pretty standard duty for most jobs – through plastic, steel just about everything, but non-ferrous. So no aluminium, copper, things like that.

Although you can use them on aluminium, but you just have to take them slower. Sutton are pretty good. They put their cutting speeds on the back and also the recommended arbor that goes with them. So, these holesaws all have a 5/8 UNF thread in the centre.

So you can pretty much use any arbor that you like. You don’t have to just use the Sutton ones. This is the arbor here.

And these ones, I’ve got the two spigots on the outside that positive lock into the holesaw, so they drive positively but don’t lock up when you go to undo them. And of course, you can buy new pilot drills for these as well.

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