Custom Filter Kits

Does having the right components on hand at the right time to service your machine frustrate you?

Did you know that we supply service kits, complete with everything you need to fit any machine?Not just one brand, not just one type of machine.
Every piece of plant you own.

Combine this with the easiest ordering system in the universe and you will save yourself hours a month.
Our one click ordering system via our app or desktop version lets you see if your kit is in stock and ready to ship.

Log in and a couple of clicks later your kit will be packed and despatched to you.

You can see all your equipment in one spot, all named how you like it. Include make, model, rego even other components that we may not supply.
Learn more about it here

All our kits are custom built to suit you.

Got a hybrid machine with a transplant engine? Our kit will fit it, everytime.

We supply all leading brands, so we make sure that what we give you is the best value.

  • European trucks, we use Mann and Hummel filters which best fit and best value.
  • Cummins, we recommend Fleetguard.
  • Dump trucks, we use Donaldson which are best value and widely used throughout the industry.
  • Japanese trucks, Sakura have the widest range and best fitment to cover all trucks.
  • Automotive, motorbikes, mowers…got them covered too.

Do your kits need to have special gaskets, seal or O-rings? We source OEM products to go in our kits.

If you have custom made products in your kits we source those to meet all relevant standards so you don’t have to do the hard work.

We want to let you get back to doing what you do best, rather than trying to work out what fits what across all your equipment.

It’s frustrating to buy an OEM kit and you throw half it out. If you don’t want something in your kits you let us know and we remove it. Easy.

If your servicing schedule changes we change the components in the kit to suit.

If you are using kits constantly, we can keep them built and in stock on our shelf. That way you don’t have to worry about wondering if everything will be available, it will be available. Guaranteed.

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