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You’ll find everything you need to keep your valuable equipment moving here at Filter and Industrial. When your equipment is running at its optimum efficiency – you’re making money. Let us support you with over 10,000 products in stock – ready for you to access. You can take advantage of Custom Service Kits Procurement and sourcing, and even liquidation of excess and old parts.

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With over 10,000 items in stock and hundreds of thousands more available to us, we will have what you need to get moving again.


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Find the filters that fit your heavy equipment.
Over 200,000 indvidual machines listed here.

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Find the filters that fit your car and light duty commercials, updated daily, hundreds of thousands of vehicles listed.

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Custom Filter Kits

Save yourself time, money, and headaches

Our custom built filter kits are designed to keep your machines working, day in day out. You decide what goes in them, what stock codes you want to use and even how you want it packaged. We build kits for everything from lawn mowers to custom built undergournd machinery. Gaskets, Orings, brand specific filters. Whatever you want, you get.

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We focus on mobile equipment and everything that goes with it. We know you don’t have time to chase lots of things from lots of different places.
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You do things a certain way, that’s why we change to suit your needs. Got a problem that you need help with? Call and ask us to help, that’s what we do.

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